"Multifarious Visions from the Sonic Margins"

Monday 26 September 2011

New review of The Ley Hunter's Companion in October's Issue of Textura

"...Animated by a two-toned series of syncopated synthesizer chords, “Lines in the Landscape” guides the listener on a scenic, fourteen-minute cruise through the open countryside. The mood is jubilant, gleeful even... Even more so than in the opener, we're very much within a kosmische universe of sequencers and oscillators during “Odyssey,” which tinkles and swirls radiantly for a bubbly seventeen minutes...."

Read the whole thing Here

(A small addendum to the review, there was actually a release between 2 and The Ley Hunter's Companion, summer 2010's  Earthern Circle on Craig Tattersall's Cotton Goods label.)

Speaking of kosmische,
The Ley Hunter's Companion is now available at estimable bastion of Krautrocking and Progressive Music Ultima Thule

Copies are also now available at Fluid Radio's Stashed Goods shop, as well.

Still available from Boomkat, Bleep, Phonica and Norman's.

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