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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Terrascopic View of The Ley Hunter's Companion

In this week's second very welcome review the good folks at Terrascope Online have included The Ley Hunter's Companion in their December issue of Rumbles, here's what they have to say:

 "The Ley Hunter's Companion" is a two track EP whose opening cut is strongly reminiscent of Manuel Göttsching's seminal trance epic "E2-E4." The basic rhythm and style is augmented after a few minutes by an analogue-sounding addition, while the base sequence flickers and mutates. At the end of the track a lovely analogue lead line emerges, alas far too briefly. The second cut opens with a softly shimmering sequence reminiscent perhaps of Terry Riley, with more hints of Ashra coming in later."

Thanks guys!

full issue here:  http://www.terrascope.co.uk/Reviews/Rumbles_December_11.htm

Copies are still available direct from the label, email dissolving (dot) records (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk for prices and shipping.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Foxy Digitalis on The Ley Hunter's Companion

 A bit of an odd duck in the best sense, Sub Loam’s “mini-album” is a two-track, 30-minute meditative synth journey, a CD housed with a dedicated map-like poster in a 7-inch jacket.  Containing two classy synth pieces, it’s an album that exalts the peculiar potential of a car trip for reflection, relaxation, and meditation.  This in-car reflection always comes with solitude, and Sub Loam recognizes this and gets them out of the way, immersing the listener in the repetitive sequencer bliss of a blurry countryside passing by.
Both of these pieces are heavily indebted to certain aspects of ‘70s space and Kosmische music.  “Lines In The Landscape” is a minimally changing arpeggiated sequence anchoring a hovering Kosmische-inspired theme.  Although the daydream is broken rather abruptly at the end of the track, we move quickly into the equally mesmerizing “Odyssey.”  This is a slightly faster sequence that features a prominent flanger effect and, again, minimal variation, until it slowly floats away.
Although it was released in time for “summer holidays,” the trip is equally comfortable listening in these winter times.  Limited to 230 copies, this is a nice little document.


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Back Catalogue & December Update

For anyone who is new to the label or wants to explore the catalogue an unofficial discography of dissolving releases can be viewed at discogs:


(Some items are still available, sales via the usual email)
 Keep an eye out in the new year for new dissolving and related releases, an album will be released in January/February via Boomkat and there are a few more projects in various states of completion to follow throughout the coming year which I'm quite excited about.

All new albums/etc. will as always be announced here as and when....

As always any sales, enquiries, messages, etc. welcome at dissolving.records@yahoo.co.uk

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sub Loam Website

Just to let you know Sub Loam has now got a dedicated blog as well,

find it here:  www.subloam.blogspot.com

Monday, 26 September 2011

New review of The Ley Hunter's Companion in October's Issue of Textura

"...Animated by a two-toned series of syncopated synthesizer chords, “Lines in the Landscape” guides the listener on a scenic, fourteen-minute cruise through the open countryside. The mood is jubilant, gleeful even... Even more so than in the opener, we're very much within a kosmische universe of sequencers and oscillators during “Odyssey,” which tinkles and swirls radiantly for a bubbly seventeen minutes...."

Read the whole thing Here

(A small addendum to the review, there was actually a release between 2 and The Ley Hunter's Companion, summer 2010's  Earthern Circle on Craig Tattersall's Cotton Goods label.)

Speaking of kosmische,
The Ley Hunter's Companion is now available at estimable bastion of Krautrocking and Progressive Music Ultima Thule

Copies are also now available at Fluid Radio's Stashed Goods shop, as well.

Still available from Boomkat, Bleep, Phonica and Norman's.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Sub Loam - The Ley Hunter's Companion (Henge 004)

The Ley Hunter's Companion

Cover painting....

Sub Loam - The Ley Hunter's Companion
Limited Edition of 230 Hand-Numbered Copies.
CD in colour wallet in 7" sleeve. Sleeve folds out to 14" poster.
Released 5th August 2011.

Available From Boomkat, Norman records
Limited number available direct from us, 12.99 plus P&P

Continuing Sub Loam's exploratory forays into audio landscapes The Ley Hunter's Companion is a mini-album comprising two extended synthesiser and sequencer trips over the summer countryside, Lines in the Landscape and Odyssey, which add up to just over half an hour of electronic meditation and motion. In a more overtly melodic and rhythmic mood than in previous outings, the two tracks make an excellent soundtrack to any summer journeys out into the fields and hills in search of ancient mysteries.

Listen to a preview here:

Available here: http://boomkat.com/cds/433972-sub-loam-the-ley-hunter-s-companion
And here: http://www.normanrecords.com/cd/127572-sub-loam-the-ley-hunters-companion

also copies available from bleep.com and phonicarecords.com

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Upcoming releases for June/July

For midsummer-time we've got lined up a special Sub Loam mini-album featuring exclusive artwork and two extended trips through the summer countryside  ... more details will be announced here very soon. 


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