"Multifarious Visions from the Sonic Margins"

Monday, 10 December 2012

Freq visits Jesus on Mars

As we swing towards the solstice the days are getting shorter, the stars are shining brighter at night through the wintery atmosphere and Freq magazine's Michael Rodham-Heaps casts his eyes towards the Red Planet and Jesus on Mars:

...a climbing helix of synth throwing out stark contrasts to the jet-black vacuum of space...

Thanks, Michael!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fluid Radio on Jesus on Mars

James Catchpole of Fluid Radio has written a lengthy review exploring the terrain of Jesus on Mars,

'... Maybe the tunnels conceal our true Gods, and long lost creators that disappeared thousands of years ago. In this cloying spacesuit, the sound seems slightly muffled, but the music is still audible over the rhythmic intake of breath. A dull Martian light glints off the visor, in a panoramic land of swirling sand....'

read it HERE

Thanks, James!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Frans de Waard encounters Jesus on Mars

JESUS ON MARS (CDR by Dissolving Records)
This release is 'dedicated to P. Dick, R. Pinhas and C. Schnitzler', it says on the cover and its not difficult to see why. I have no idea who Jesus On Mars, wether its a group or an one-man band, but it seems that they have acquired a bunch of analogue synthesizers to shape up their science fiction music, and as we know, science fiction always deals with the past, or at the best with the 'now' (which has become 'past' once we said the word). Fuzzy music of old synthesizers, with dust between the knobs and keys, sounding very 'old'. Like Pinhas and Schnitzler's 'non-keyboard electronics' in the seventies. Psychedelic music that takes the listener of an endless journey through the sky, and beyond, up into the dark, onwards to the planet Mars - as red as the cover of this CD. Its not that I hear anything 'new' in this release, hell no, but I played this twice in a row. Alright, I was too lazy to change the player, but also because these five pieces had something captivating. Wild, experimental and yet close to the world of cosmic music - a bumpy ride through the cosmic and one returns all refreshed and bright. Like waking up from a LSD trip, almost. Thoroughly psychedelic. (FdW)

(from Vital Weekly 842 http://www.vitalweekly.net/842.html )

Friday, 27 July 2012

Jesus on Mars recommended this week at Boomkat


**Edition of 170 copies with catalogue insert. Excellent album of distorted and submerged Kosmische experimentation highly recommended if you're into Conrad Schnitzler, Emeralds etc.** Inner visions of martian sci-fi soundscapes conducted by the protagonist behind Dissolving Records. Paying tribute to Philip K. Dick and Conrad Schnitzler, 'Jesus On Mars' envelopes us in a black hole of analogue swirls, tripping into a vast alternate world of "...temporal concatenations and expansions; inner-spatial vistas and ferric visions of arcane pulp planetscapes." As history, literature and culture repeatedly tell us - from ancient Greece to modern Hollywood and NASA - Mars is not a friendly place and this mood of fearful trepidation is central to 'Jesus On Mars' as we're engaged by mighty dust clouds of cosmic distortion and harmonic hallucinations bound to leave a lasting impression after reentry to terra firma. We're sure Schnitzler would approve of this album.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jesus on Mars

Jesus on Mars - Jesus on Mars (Henge 006) 
Released: 26/07/2012

... jerry-rigged nests of wires and plugs wrapped in multicoloured sleeves, potent transcendental devices awaiting the engagement of an active imagination, spreading out below a bird’s-eye viewer, clouds of dust, petrified ripples, gleams of water, crumbling cities, strange figures… the Martian deserts of the Mind. 



1. Jesus on Mars
2. Martian Deserts of the Mind
3. At the Dreaming Pole
4. Galactic Pot Healer
5. Martian Time Slip

The album features 53 minutes of electronic trip-outs, temporal concatenations and expansions; inner-spatial vistas and ferric visions of arcane pulp planetscapes. Packaged in a gatefold-style colour sleeve with cover painting by Thomas Shrubsole. 
Edition of 170 copies only.

Available to buy from Boomkat http://boomkat.com/cds/556053-jesus-on-mars-jesus-on-mars , Norman's http://www.normanrecords.com/records/135480-jesus-on-mars-jesus-on , Piccadilly http://www.piccadillyrecords.com/products/JesusOnMars-JesusOnMars-DissolvingRecords-84926.html  and direct from the label 

email for prices/orders etc.


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Audio preview of Jesus on Mars

Soundcloud preview of Jesus on Mars

Soundcloud album preview

Preview of the new album forthcoming on Dissolving Records: Jesus on Mars - Jesus on Mars (Henge 006)

Track excerpts are as follows:

1. Jesus on Mars
2. Martian Deserts of the Mind
3. At the Dreaming Pole
4. Galactic Pot Healer
5. Martian Time Slip

The full album features 53 minutes of music and is packaged in a fold out gatefold-style colour sleeve with cover painting by Thomas Shrubsole.

Available to buy from Thursday 26th of July 2012 direct from Dissolving and from the usual selected stockists.

Friday, 22 June 2012

New Album Out Soon on Dissolving...


'Jesus on Mars'

I have great pleasure in announcing the imminent release of the latest long-playing missive from Dissolving, electrified science-fiction epic Jesus on Mars. Black holes of analogue swirl, synth-scoured planetary surfaces and inner-spatial trips dedicated to P K Dick, R Pinhas and C Schnitzler. Expect this in the shops in early July, soundcloud clips will follow soon.

Keep an eye here for photos, tracklisting and stockists in the next couple of weeks...