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Monday, 11 November 2013

Dissolving Records Mailing List

To receive first news of new releases and the opportunity to buy them before they reach the shops remember that you can join the Dissolving mailing list by emailing dissolving (dot) records (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk with 'Mailing List' as the subject.
From time to time there may be mailing list exclusive releases and news as well. I do not share addresses with anyone else or mail gratuitously, you will only ever receive the occasional short mail alerting you to new releases on Dissolving and other related items such as special editions only available direct from the label.
If that sounds good to you then send a quick mail to join up.
You can also (almost) always - unless they've sold out - buy releases direct from the label by mailing the dissolving email address.
New Sub Loam due soon, keep your eyes on the list and on here.

Monday, 4 November 2013

New Sub Loam for November - Available Soon

Sub Loam

A Concise Dictionary of Plants and Their Uses

(Henge 010)

3 new tracks, limited edition.

Available later this month,

Check here soon for more details.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Frans de Waard observes Space Capsule

SPACE CAPSULE (CDR by Dissolving Records)
This is, I believe, the first time that Dissolving Records sends information along with the release, and it puts a few things in perspective. Dissolving Records is run by Thomas Shrubsole, who also works as Sub Loam, Jesus On Mars (both of them reviewed before), In The Field and 'various other pseudonyms, sometimes anonymously'. Here he acts as Space Capsule, an odd project of free jazz music. He plays 'acoustic and electro-mechanical instruments (soprano saxophone, piano, electric piano) aided by rudimentary electronics', and I assume not all at the same time, but taped to a form of multi-track recordings (analogue or digital) and that leads, I think, to some intentional randomness in the music. In an odd way it sounds very jazz like, even when it's all a bit more electronic, such as in 'Space Capsule 2'. Shrubsole plays loosely connected notes and improvises along with that and then on the next track he throws some other, similar and dissimilar notes, and then mixes them together, perhaps adding a bit more electronics in the process. Of the two pieces I liked the second better, but also to be honest, I think both pieces were a bit long and could have been edited down a bit, even when I understand that the length of this is necessary for this kind of spacious free jazz. Not yet entirely Sun Ra like I think. Great package! (FdW)

from Vital Weekly number 902

Space Capsule is also included in the podcast: here 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Kosmiche Space[d] Mix part 2 - Featuring music from Space Capsule


The Kosmiche Club have put together this heady blend of spaced out sounds including Dissolving favourites Sun Ra, Holger Czukay, Amon Duul II, Chrome and many more estimable out-sounds. Space Capsule features near the end of this suitably cosmic 2 hour trip. Enjoy!

Space Capsule @ Boomkat

"Thomas Shrubsole lends his own name to a slowly expanding constellation of aliases - In The Field, Jesus On Mars, Sub Loam, The Dissolving Orchestra - on his latest for Dissolving Records. Taking cues from Sun Ra and the European avant-garde, 'his 'Space Capsule' is a multi-planar improvisation meshing acoustic afternoon ambience, streaking cosmic jazz and free electric sound with "underground domestic production methods" (read: recorded in his house onto tape). Like much of Thomas' output, these two tracks beautifully capture a sense of space and time and meditative state-of-mind, or, as he poetically puts it, "intuitive thought, multiplied on a vertical time axis". Using Piano, Electric Piano, Soprano Saxophone, Devices, Tape he patiently conducts a fluidly abstract, intra-galactic dialogue of darting sax comtrails, dubbed-out clusters of keys and pinging electronics that feels beautifully unimpeded, free in a manner that only comes with hands-on, physical music, and yet it's instinctively disciplined, organised with a quietly chaotic logic."

click here to buy http://boomkat.com/cds/824934-thomas-shrubsole-space-capsule

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


New Release


Space Capsule is the new work of Thomas Shrubsole on his own Dissolving imprint. Space Capsule sees the initiation of a series which will continue with collaborations and contributions from different friends and colleagues from the UK (and beyond) sub-underground.   

With acoustic and electro-mechanical instruments (soprano saxophone, piano, electric piano) aided by rudimentary electronics Space Capsule holds a diurnal séance montaging the domestic and the cosmic in a surprising and free blend. Meshes of the afternoon diffusing a clear light and cubic languor alert acoustic mediation, free electric sound.

Underground domestic production methods, cosmo-alien meditational multi-planar observation input multiplied with outdated technology and printed to tape. A wooden figure viewed through a prism. The windows of the room open to the afternoon light. Alternate probability paths viewed together from further down the time stream, physical fidelities and hands-on electro-acoustic free playing.

Intuitive thought, multiplied on a vertical time axis. Above, an acoustic spacecraft is suspended, silent, permeable, diaphanous, held up by breath and expansive thought.

Space Capsule is limited to 50 hand numbered copies. It comes with a card booklet and an A3 poster riso-printed with an original artwork by Thomas.

Space Capsule (Henge 009)
Released: 10/10/2013

Tracklisting: Space Capsule 1 - 16.13
Space Capsule 2 - 19.11

 Copies are £11 each, P&P in the UK is £2.50, Europe £3.50, R.O.W. £4.50
 Email dissolving (dot) records (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk to order or to add yourself to the mailing list

Sounds of the Space Capsule

Sound clips now uploaded to Soundcloud from the upcoming Dissolving release 'Space Capsule'

Listen here Space Capsule album preview

Available very soon!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New Album Due Soon

The latest Dissolving release, entitled SPACE CAPSULE, will be available in the next couple of weeks.
Keep an eye out here for updates, sound clips, release date, purchase info etc.

more soon!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ruderal Memory now out @ Boomkat.com

Sub Loam's limited edition Ruderal Memory album is now available from Boomkat:


" Ghostly, longform electro-acoustic invocation from Sub Loam, the character also known as Thomas Shrubsole and Jesus On Mars. Via soprano saxophone fed through multi-cassette, twin-reel-to-reel set up, 'Ruderal Memory' manifests 45 minutes of seancé-like atmosphere with patiently unfolding arrangement informed by yoga breathing techniques and conducted from an anti-anthropocentric stance in key with Sub Loam's themes of elemental interplay and chlorophyllic consciousness. Aesthetically we're reminded of Robin The Fog's spectral experiments on 'The Ghosts Of Bush' or the quivering microtones yielded in William Basinski's 'Disintegration Loops', yet as with all of Shrubsole's output, there's a deeply individual spirit at work, following his own quiet path to personal enlightenment. "

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Frans de Waard on Ruderal Memory

Frans de Waard has published a lovely review of Sub Loam's Ruderal Memory in this weeks Vital Weekly...

SUB LOAM - RUDERAL MEMORY (CDR by Dissolving Records)
Quite an obscure release here, but it's apparently released for the Vernal Quinox, which happened here without noticing it. Behind Sub Loam we find Thomas Shrubsole, and if I am not wrong it has been a while since I last heard his music; his '2' was reviewed in Vital Weekly 732. At the very foundation of this work there is the soprano saxophone playing, along with a 'multi-cassette, twin reel-to-reel set up' to do some further manipulation. With a reel-to-reel you can easily slow down things, going from 19cm/per second to 4,5cm/per second, and perhaps that's something that Shrubbsole does here, but in a clever way. He slows down his sounds but not all of them and not all the way. Just a few, and keeps other running at regular speed. His saxophone playing reminds me occasionally more of a trumpet actually. While the whole thing sounds at times a bit crude - which may be because it is recorded live in one take - it also has a fine orchestral feel to it. Glissandi appear out of nowhere, together with a low rumble of slowed down tapes and throughout it's perhaps heavy but also in a way zen like like. Somewhere in the middle of you would find drones and improvised music, all with a classical touch, certainly in the last ten minutes. Dense meditation music, and perhaps not that spring like yet, more like a farewell for the winter season. Raw and intense, but never noise based. Very nice!

Full issue here: http://www.vitalweekly.net/876.html

Thanks, Frans!

Ruderal Memory available in shops from later this week

Sub Loam's limited edition Ruderal Memory album will be available to buy from boomkat.com this week.
Keep your eyes peeled if you want to grab a copy and haven't already...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Vernal Equinox Update ... Ruderal Memory by Sub Loam - Out now!

Green stirrings and the resting, momentarily balanced forces of the equinox. We are pleased at this auspicious and special time to announce the return of Sub Loam with a new piece, the 45 minute, one-track album Ruderal Memory.

Generated with soprano saxophone and a multi-cassette, twin reel-to-reel set up this is a music of slow unfolding, accretion, prismatic disassembling and dissolution and eventual synthesis leading to transformation and (RELEASE).

Organically investigating the interface, symbolised and exemplified by breath mediated through the saxophone, of the interior and exterior and its union (YOGA).

The CDr is limited to a numbered run of 50 and comes in a hand-stamped heavy recycled card 7" folder in a poly bag. Each package contains a card wallet holding the CDr and an individual art insert, every artwork being a unique design and combination of forms within a defined set of parameters, similar in approach to the music, taking as a starting point the symbolism and geometry of Sri Yantra.

Microtones, tape-manipulation and saxophones; ink, water and lines, all focussed through Sub Loam's themes of elemental interplay and chlorophyllic consciousness.

Music mixed in one continuous take live in the studio for your pleasure and utility.

Sub Loam - Ruderal Memory (Henge 008)
Released: 21/03/2013

Tracklisting: Ruderal Memory (44.03) 

 Email for prices/orders etc.

Thank you.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Next Release...

A new year, a return to spring and a new release on Dissolving from Sub Loam.
Scheduled for the end of March, this is an album-length 45 minute piece which will be released in a special limited edition.
Keep checking back here for further updates...