"Multifarious Visions from the Sonic Margins"

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Foxy Digitalis on The Ley Hunter's Companion

 A bit of an odd duck in the best sense, Sub Loam’s “mini-album” is a two-track, 30-minute meditative synth journey, a CD housed with a dedicated map-like poster in a 7-inch jacket.  Containing two classy synth pieces, it’s an album that exalts the peculiar potential of a car trip for reflection, relaxation, and meditation.  This in-car reflection always comes with solitude, and Sub Loam recognizes this and gets them out of the way, immersing the listener in the repetitive sequencer bliss of a blurry countryside passing by.
Both of these pieces are heavily indebted to certain aspects of ‘70s space and Kosmische music.  “Lines In The Landscape” is a minimally changing arpeggiated sequence anchoring a hovering Kosmische-inspired theme.  Although the daydream is broken rather abruptly at the end of the track, we move quickly into the equally mesmerizing “Odyssey.”  This is a slightly faster sequence that features a prominent flanger effect and, again, minimal variation, until it slowly floats away.
Although it was released in time for “summer holidays,” the trip is equally comfortable listening in these winter times.  Limited to 230 copies, this is a nice little document.


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