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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Vernal Equinox Update ... Ruderal Memory by Sub Loam - Out now!

Green stirrings and the resting, momentarily balanced forces of the equinox. We are pleased at this auspicious and special time to announce the return of Sub Loam with a new piece, the 45 minute, one-track album Ruderal Memory.

Generated with soprano saxophone and a multi-cassette, twin reel-to-reel set up this is a music of slow unfolding, accretion, prismatic disassembling and dissolution and eventual synthesis leading to transformation and (RELEASE).

Organically investigating the interface, symbolised and exemplified by breath mediated through the saxophone, of the interior and exterior and its union (YOGA).

The CDr is limited to a numbered run of 50 and comes in a hand-stamped heavy recycled card 7" folder in a poly bag. Each package contains a card wallet holding the CDr and an individual art insert, every artwork being a unique design and combination of forms within a defined set of parameters, similar in approach to the music, taking as a starting point the symbolism and geometry of Sri Yantra.

Microtones, tape-manipulation and saxophones; ink, water and lines, all focussed through Sub Loam's themes of elemental interplay and chlorophyllic consciousness.

Music mixed in one continuous take live in the studio for your pleasure and utility.

Sub Loam - Ruderal Memory (Henge 008)
Released: 21/03/2013

Tracklisting: Ruderal Memory (44.03) 

 Email for prices/orders etc.

Thank you.

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