"Multifarious Visions from the Sonic Margins"

Thursday 17 October 2013

Frans de Waard observes Space Capsule

SPACE CAPSULE (CDR by Dissolving Records)
This is, I believe, the first time that Dissolving Records sends information along with the release, and it puts a few things in perspective. Dissolving Records is run by Thomas Shrubsole, who also works as Sub Loam, Jesus On Mars (both of them reviewed before), In The Field and 'various other pseudonyms, sometimes anonymously'. Here he acts as Space Capsule, an odd project of free jazz music. He plays 'acoustic and electro-mechanical instruments (soprano saxophone, piano, electric piano) aided by rudimentary electronics', and I assume not all at the same time, but taped to a form of multi-track recordings (analogue or digital) and that leads, I think, to some intentional randomness in the music. In an odd way it sounds very jazz like, even when it's all a bit more electronic, such as in 'Space Capsule 2'. Shrubsole plays loosely connected notes and improvises along with that and then on the next track he throws some other, similar and dissimilar notes, and then mixes them together, perhaps adding a bit more electronics in the process. Of the two pieces I liked the second better, but also to be honest, I think both pieces were a bit long and could have been edited down a bit, even when I understand that the length of this is necessary for this kind of spacious free jazz. Not yet entirely Sun Ra like I think. Great package! (FdW)

from Vital Weekly number 902

Space Capsule is also included in the podcast: here 

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