"Multifarious Visions from the Sonic Margins"

Friday 27 July 2012

Jesus on Mars recommended this week at Boomkat


**Edition of 170 copies with catalogue insert. Excellent album of distorted and submerged Kosmische experimentation highly recommended if you're into Conrad Schnitzler, Emeralds etc.** Inner visions of martian sci-fi soundscapes conducted by the protagonist behind Dissolving Records. Paying tribute to Philip K. Dick and Conrad Schnitzler, 'Jesus On Mars' envelopes us in a black hole of analogue swirls, tripping into a vast alternate world of "...temporal concatenations and expansions; inner-spatial vistas and ferric visions of arcane pulp planetscapes." As history, literature and culture repeatedly tell us - from ancient Greece to modern Hollywood and NASA - Mars is not a friendly place and this mood of fearful trepidation is central to 'Jesus On Mars' as we're engaged by mighty dust clouds of cosmic distortion and harmonic hallucinations bound to leave a lasting impression after reentry to terra firma. We're sure Schnitzler would approve of this album.

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