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Wednesday 18 July 2012

Jesus on Mars

Jesus on Mars - Jesus on Mars (Henge 006) 
Released: 26/07/2012

... jerry-rigged nests of wires and plugs wrapped in multicoloured sleeves, potent transcendental devices awaiting the engagement of an active imagination, spreading out below a bird’s-eye viewer, clouds of dust, petrified ripples, gleams of water, crumbling cities, strange figures… the Martian deserts of the Mind. 



1. Jesus on Mars
2. Martian Deserts of the Mind
3. At the Dreaming Pole
4. Galactic Pot Healer
5. Martian Time Slip

The album features 53 minutes of electronic trip-outs, temporal concatenations and expansions; inner-spatial vistas and ferric visions of arcane pulp planetscapes. Packaged in a gatefold-style colour sleeve with cover painting by Thomas Shrubsole. 
Edition of 170 copies only.

Available to buy from Boomkat http://boomkat.com/cds/556053-jesus-on-mars-jesus-on-mars , Norman's http://www.normanrecords.com/records/135480-jesus-on-mars-jesus-on , Piccadilly http://www.piccadillyrecords.com/products/JesusOnMars-JesusOnMars-DissolvingRecords-84926.html  and direct from the label 

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1 comment:

  1. In forthcoming Audion magazine #58

    Jesus On Mars
    (Dissolving HENGE 006) CDR 53m
    (Dissolving Henge XX7) CDR 16m
    From the same label that bought us dark ambient The Dissolving Orchestra and the Göttsching E2-E4 inspired Sub Loam, here is another oddly named outfit, I presume involving some of the same people. I would guess that they got their name from the sci-fi novel by Philip José Farmer, or that famous photo of the "face on Mars" in Cydonia. Whatever, not a name I would ever choose!
    The opening Jesus On Mars itself is deep cosmic ambient stuff, lots of analogue type tonalities, drones/warbles/shimmers, lengthy mutating tonalities. With Martian Deserts Of The Mind it gets a lot weirder, a touch chaotic in fact. All spacey stuff here though, with Galactic Pot Healer adding a sequencer loop melody feeling somewhat like RHIZOSPHERE era Richard Pinhas electronics in a quagmire. And, talking of quagmires, the closing 22 minute Martian Time Slip is a sonic slurry goes on and on without any focus at all.
    Interesting experimental electronics then. On the inside it says "Dedicated to PK Dick, R Pinhas and C Schnitzler" - all quite obvious!
    The numbered edition release MARTIAN TIMESTRETCH involves just one 15:25 piece. A bit of a waste of a full CD (and expensive). It's hardly a timestretch at all, especially after the previous disc. I recheck, did it say 75 minutes? No. Good though, this is more abstract and spacious, with a variety of squiggly warbles, twitters and mutated electronics, ever getting towards a musical focus, but never quite reaching it. It's the closest to Conrad Schnitzler I guess on these two releases.